About The Deliberative Landscapes Wanderer

I’m Lance Robinson, and the Deliberative Landscapes Wanderer is my personal-professional blog and web site. “Professional” because the subject matter of DLW is the subject matter of my professional life. “Personal-professional” because DLW is where I muse, reflect, brainstorm and pontificate, rather than formally present what I’m doing in my current position.

So I probably won’t be blogging about recipes or sharing family Christmas updates.

With Deliberative Landscapes Wanderer, my overall focus is landscape approaches and landscape governance. But as I wander from topic to topic, I will also touch on practices such as community-based natural resource management, community-based conservation, landscape restoration and land use planning. I will ask questions, wonder aloud about ideas, and try to make sense of what I, and colleagues, are working on. Concepts such as community, deliberation, values, and justice will be recurring themes. I invite you to wander along with me.