The Deliberative Landscapes Wanderer

About the author

If you have reached this page, it probably means you want to know a little something about who I am. I’m Lance Robinson and the Deliberative Landscapes Wanderer is my personal-professional blog and web site. I’m a specialist in environmental governance and natural resources management, and I have a particular interest in landscape approaches and landscape governance. I’m a senior partner with Ruwaza Sustainable Development Ltd. and also serve on the Board of Directors of Equitable Earth Initiative.

I’ll also mention that I’m a husband and father of two (because I think that’s important).

And I’m trying to become an intellectual wanderer. Not an aimless wanderer, hopefully, but with this blog I hope to explore some conceptual pathways that I haven’t traveled before, revisit some that I have, and see which of these pathways connect to which others.

If you want to know more about me than that, my LinkedIn page and my ResearchGate page are good places to start. Or just send me an email: Lance [at]